Find the Best Paladars

Find the Best Paladars

A lot has happened on Cuba regarding restaurants. Cuban citizens are allowed to start private restaurant, so called ‘Paladars’. There is an ever-growing number of paladars all over Cuba. And the quality of food and services is rising. You can find really good Paladars. But beware, not all Paladars are good. It is really worth spending the time to prepare your trip and find good paladars/restaaurants to eat.

We find Tripadvisor to be a really good resource to find good paladars click here for more. However, be aware that a lot is happening on Cuba, new paladars open, old paladars improve their food and service. So you cannot rely on Tripadvisor. And if you are into fish and seafood you are almost certain to have a good meal almost anywhere.


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