Book Viazul bus tickets in advance

Book Viazul bus tickets in advance

An easy way to travel around Cuba is by bus. The state owned bus company Viazul has a wide network covering most destinations that are of interest for tourists. The buses are fairly modern with air condition. And it is a very inexpensive way to travel. For example, a ticket from Havana to Varadero cost only US$ 10. And a ticket all the way from Havana to Santiago the Cuba cost US$ 51. (March 2016).

Our advice is to book tickets well in advance find out here now. You can make reservations without having to pay in advance. The buses quickly get full and they do not add extra buses. You cannot count on getting a  ticket if you try to buy it on the same day as travel.

Here you find the Viazul home page where you can make reservations and pay the tickets online. We have made several reservations and purchases from abroad, so our experience is that you can rely on Viazul’s reservations system.




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  1. Cuba Travelpartner

    Alguien sabe porque no se puede comprar boletos anticipados por el sitio web, para los viajes de febrero ?

    3 years ago Reply

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